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About Us

Waldo Jewelers, Kansas City’s largest privately owned boutique and jewelry factory. We are passionate about Jewelry Design and Specialize in creating custom Engagement Rings and Wedding rings. We feature Lab Grown Diamonds, however we do have access to anything you desire. Please visit our store for the best jewelry experience in Kansas City!


Waldo Jewelers is a certified Jewelers of America master bench jewelery store specializing in fabrication and stone setting – utilizing recent technology breakthroughs like Microscopes, Laser Welding and CAD/CAM. Waldo Jewelers can handle any of your jewelry repair needs. Same day service is offered or standard service is generally 3-4 days.

Jewelry Repairs:

With over 15 years of experience, our trained jeweler experts at Waldo Jewelers can evaluate your jewelry and give you an estimate for any repairs or changes that you need.

Custom Jewelry:

Design a timeless piece of fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Waldo Jewelers specializes in fabrication and stone setting making your dream jewelry a reality.


Waldo Jewelers offers in-house appraisal services for a wide variety of valuables including jewelry, watches, diamonds and even precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Ring Sizing:

Is your wedding ring feeling a bit tight? Our experts at Waldo Jeweler are here to help resize any ring and get it back to the perfect fit.

We Buy Gold

Waldo Jewelers loves to buy gold! Bring in your unwanted old jewelry and get cash today, hassle-free!

Re-Set Diamonds:

Do you have a family diamond that you want re-set in a new ring? Let Waldo Jewelers remount, reset or redesign any piece of personal jewelry.

Laser Repair:

Waldo Jewelers utilizes the most modern laser welding technology to repair all types of jewelry and precious metals, including gold, silver and platinum. Your priceless family heirlooms are in trusted hands with our precise welding techniques.

Pearl Restringing:

Trust Waldo Jewelers to extend the longevity of your beautiful pearls by carefully disassembling your pearl bracelet or necklace, cleaning them with a special solution to renew their shine and then restringing each individual pearl by hand.

Rhodium Plating:

Waldo Jewelers offers rhodium plating services on white gold and yellow gold jewelry items to enhance your jewelry’s luster and durability.